Fotor – online photo editing

On special occasions i want to surprise my friends in my own little way. I would usually create a collage with our previous photos together. It so happened that one of my friend is celebrating her birthday soon and i want to print out a collage of our photos for her birthday. I begin to look online and this is what i’ve found. I’m happy that when i begin to use this, it turns out to have a great result.

First stop, visit their website

I love this application in so many ways. First, it is for FREE. You don’t even need to register to start editing your photos.


You have a lot of options to choose from: just point and click and it will bring to the page you want. They have templates which you can use for special occasions.


It features basic editing and HDR. You can create collage of different shapes and style or you can just simply edit your photo into the color or looks you want it to be.You can add frames, borders and text too.


Another thing i like about this application is that you can upload photo you want to edit easily. You can add your photos from your computer, facebook, picasa, flicker, webcam and web. Once you are done, editing your photos you can save or share your photos. A lot of options to choose from. You can save it in your computer, share it on facebook, tumbler, twitter and flicker. So easy not as complicated as you think.


Sample photos below. This was printed in a 5R size.


Hello and Goodbye

After almost 4 years, finally i have decided to step out of my comfort zone. It was a hard decision and difficult to choose because there are a lot of things i need to sacrifice. Step of faith.

After a day when my resignation was accepted by the management we had a townhall meeting with the VP and Director of our Department. We are all shocked and surprise when we heard the announcement that our team will be dissolved. It was so sudden, that we did not see this coming. Certainly, there are reasons why they have come up with that decision.

As I recall, we started our training July 2, 2011. We are a new team compose of 11 coordinators and 1 team manager. Our Director, Business Manager and a Training Manager from Atlanta came all the way here to help and set up our team. We are all overwhelmed with the two (2) weeks training and as we go on our own we get to learn every bits of the process of our task.

As time passes by, we had a lot of movement. After 3 months, our team manager was promoted as Operations Manager and November of that year our  new Team Manager joined us. Also, two (2) coordinators moved to another department and two(2) more resigned. New faces and new member of the team came in as part of the team. After 1 year and 8 months we are now letting go of each other. Though we have a lot of differences along the way, i believe that we all work hard to keep this team and help our company achieve its goal of becoming One of the Greatest Company. To all my teammates THANK YOU and GOOD JOB for all the hard work and for delivering a great work to our hotels.

650HCMTeam  group pix 4

townhall IMG_5376

A Weekend of Everything that Flies

It was an exciting day for me, finally i get to see the BIG balloons fly. This is the 18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Omni Aviation, Clark, Pampanga.

We availed the package of Clark Philippines that includes RT bus transfer with lunch. We are suppose to leave Manila at 4:30am, but due to some changes on the seating arrangement we left at around 5:00 am. Too bad, the balloons already begin to fly while we are still on our way. Good thing is that we get to see a few of them flying while we are approaching the venue.



When we arrived at the field almost all the balloons are gone. Only Mr. Sun was left but we didn’t get to see him fly. Lots of people came there and went early just to witness this yearly event. While strolling around, we manage to witness Capt. Meynard Halili, 67 years old Pilot perform an aerobatic show. As for the record he is the only Filipino licensed to perform aerobatic show in the country. It was indeed breathtaking seeing the plane tumbling in the air. Next in line is the Breitling Jet Team Aerobatic Show, known to be world’s largest professional civilian flight team performing on jets. It was a 20 min show and as we watch them from afar we can’t help ourselves but just stand in awe. First time to witness that one of a kind show. As every seconds count, we can’t wait to see their next incredible performance. In return, this show ended with an applaud from the crowd.


Since its almost lunch time we headed back to the pick up area and wait for our bus. Our lunch was served at Clearwater Resort. After eating, we get to wander around the resort, taking some photos and chatting along with friends.


We return back to the venue around 3:30PM waiting for the night glow. We positioned ourselves to an area where we can take good photos while they are setting up the balloons. Unluckily, due to strong wind only a few balloons was able to stand. We left the venue by 8:00PM. It was a tiring day but it is something that i can recall with a smile because this is also the day Baby Boy meets Baby Girl :). Bucket list – Watch Hot Air Balloon – Check!